Experienced advice

Our consultancy advice can be a discrete instruction or long-term assignment. 

Our Team draws upon its proven experience in the design process, from

pre-concept through to construction, to offer wide ranging consultancy services, advising on projects already in progress or being considered for future development. 

Due diligence audit

We are frequently commissioned to review and audit developments in order to identify additional potential value opportunities or signal areas of weakness. Attention might be focused on the wider masterplan, the conceptual narrative, the commercial strategy or technical aspects; often it is a combination of all.

Regardless of the remit, our Team provides a defined series of recommendations that can be implemented within the boundaries of the existing design.

We work in genuine collaboration with our clients and as a result projects benefit from potentially radical, perhaps subtle, integral enhancements so improving the final product for both developer and consumer.


Retail auditing

Within any development, we consider the wider retail planning; the opportunity for additional value – be it complementary retail or mixed-use – customer flow and journey potential, vertical circulation, sight lines, car parking strategies and efficient servicing possibilities.

Our Team applies its knowledge to improve projects and advise clients how best to capitalise on their active designs.

Benoy can also be appointed to work with the wider client team to assist and guide as our recommendations are actioned. Sometimes this is limited to retail issues, but often it is in the greater capacity as the scheme's ‘Design Guardian’.