One-of-a-kind destinations

With the increase in global travel, the Leisure & Tourism sector is calling for innovative solutions and that special talent for creating one-of-a-kind destinations.

Around the world, the Benoy Team is answering this call.

Benoy’s proven portfolio of national and international attractions, casinos, theme parks, cultural and arts districts and sustainable beachside developments, demonstrates a truly diverse knowledge of this exciting market sector.

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Creating destinations

From the Masterplan to the Architecture, Interior Design to Branding of the scheme, Benoy brings a cross-sector, global capability to the design of destinations.

In line with the transformation witnessed across many sectors, Leisure & Tourism is no longer perceived as a stand-alone industry, but as a complementary, even leading player in the mix of wider, multi-activity developments. 

Our holistic approach results in the conception and realisation of memorable and enduring places for cities and indeed countries.

In a world of increasing homogeneity, uncovering the unique characteristics of 
a place to create a real point of difference is a skill. Benoy's designs seek to spark interest and ultimately maintain the demand for these destinations for today and years to come.