Reshaping skylines

Benoy’s approach to high-rise Architecture is firmly based on the philosophy of creating rich visual experiences whilst appreciating and considering the urban fabric. The need for functionality is a given.

A clear and succinct methodology is fundamental to the success of the Benoy offer in this most visible of sectors.

We believe that tall buildings should be sensitively attuned to the needs of the surrounding environment, not designing height for height’s sake but balancing the client’s needs with that of the city profile. Our Architects strive to enhance form and space and so create a harmony of line, colour and light.


Integrated design

With the rise of urbanisation and increasingly scarce inner-city land, the concept of 'Building Up’ is becoming more prominent; it is changing our skylines.

Today, tall buildings are integrated within wider building networks as opposed to being designed as individual or isolated ‘Objects’. Therefore, the considerations of design extend to positioning, circulation, integration between vertical and horizontal systems, programme mix and servicing.

These ‘Vertical Cities’ need to be connected and truly mixed-use, embodying the model typology known as ‘Clustering’. At Benoy, we bring our understanding across sectors to the design of these cohesive developments, ensuring continuity and connectivity between each of the components so they may thrive within their surroundings.

Architecture is literally reaching new heights. Tall buildings can represent the ultimate in sustainable development.

Ningbo New World Plaza - Support 5.jpg