Transit oriented designs

As global trends shift towards the creation of more vibrant, diverse and integrated urban communities, the transport sector is responding in a dynamic way, not just improving accessibility but also redefining transportation hubs.

Demand for convenience has seen ‘Transit Oriented Developments’ (TODs) evolve in the form of high density, compact, yet


mixed-use, destinations in their own right with multi-modal transport interchanges at their centre.

From ‘Vertical Malls’ rising above a rail or subway network to ‘Airport Cities’ incorporating commercial, hotel and retail districts, Benoy has worked on some of the most prestigious TODs around the world.


Understanding transport

Benoy works extensively across a mix of transport modes. Its success in the sector comes from a deep understanding of the complexities involved in providing a pleasant yet functional, highly secure transport environment to a growing number of commuters at airports, subways, bus stations and railways.

Successful TODs rely on the intelligent three dimensional planning of mixed activity spaces, connecting developments in a way that is intuitive to movement. They are progressive and represent the most efficient and viable models for our cities in the future.

TODs are both economically and environmentally sustainable making them an attractive model for developers.

The Transport Team works closely alongside the client from the very beginning of the design process, taking into consideration how the buildings, environments and passengers interact and integrate with the transportation scheme.

Experienced within the highly specialised Transport environment, Benoy’s fundamental aim is to deliver flexible designs which will remain relevant and true for decades to come.


Aviation sector

We offer design and commercial expertise in the delivery of ‘Airport Cities’ and Airport Terminals around the world, assisting with the exciting transformation of these developments as operators seek to realise the full potential of their sites.

Our teams are working for some of the world’s top airports to help diversify and strengthen their commercial position and augment their operational efficiency.

Designing for new build, enhancing existing terminals and conceiving additional revenue-generating initiatives within an airport are all within our capability and demonstrated in our portfolio.


The future airport

The marketplace has evolved and new design solutions are being called for to unlock the possibilities of the terminal building. As Retail and Leisure continue to generate the larger share of revenue, these sectors have become integral components within airport design. It is clear to see that these offers have begun to set aviation destinations apart.

Combining expertise in Retail, Hospitality, Leisure, Mixed-use and Transport, Benoy is equipped to offer modern solutions, enabling airports to meet the complex needs and expectations of passengers and operators.

Delivering enduring solutions, Benoy’s design principles are founded on a
multi-disciplinary approach and are always mindful of the need for adaptability and flexibility. Buildings and spaces must be able to accommodate future security needs, increased traffic capability and passenger flow to remain competitive in this rapidly evolving sector.