Bringing sketches to life

Our Visualisation Team brings ideas to life, creating images which help people connect with and understand a project from a very early stage.

Exciting – and accurate – visualisations also help promote a development to the various audiences and so can be a powerful and convincing sales tool. 


Collaboration with the entire Design Team ensures that ideas are portrayed with rich and atmospheric imagery, providing the viewer with a lively journey into the very heart of the scheme.


Process and production

Benoy’s Visualisation Team is well established and has developed a high standard of design quality. A broad range of skills means that the Team can recreate convincing and inspiring imagery for every type of project, in any location.

Their portfolio showcases a variety of styles from the conceptual to in-depth, photorealistic visuals. Whether it is a cluster of super high-rise towers viewed at night or a high-end, boutique shop façade seen in the daylight, the Team can give it context and meaning.

The production of a CGI involves several stages. To produce the highest quality product in the fastest possible time, our Team works to a strict and proven process that provides clients with opportunity for involvement and feedback whilst still remaining mindful of the deadline.